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2016 Insight Into Woodworking Class was a success 
Each year the Siskiyou Woodcraft Guild member ships offers a series of classes to provide an introductory level of information for beginning and intermediate woodworkers.  Instructors lecture and demonstrate basic woodworking tools and techniques. While this is not a hands on class it is an excellent opportunity to interact with professional woodworkers, see their shops, setups, works-in-progress, and learn the tricks of the trade. The Insight program is also a great way to meet fellow local woodworkers for association and guidance. The Insight Into Woodworking series of 12 or 13 classes are offered for $125 per person.

A NEW CLASS SCHEDULE WILL BE POSTED IN JANUARY 2017. FOR INFORMATION CONTACT John Webb 541-944-7104 or Brent Poulton 541-857-8949
Below are a sampling of the classes that were offered in 2016.  A more detailed class schedule and registration form will be attached in January for the upcoming classes.
  • Introduction to wood shops & measuring. This session will cover basic shop setup.  It will also provide you an opportunity to meet the instructors, review class schedule and voice your needs.
  • Introduction to Table Saw Usaage and Basic Table Saw Tune-up.
  • Small shop hand tool use and restoration. Covers basic hand tool use and maintenance.
  • Scraper and band saw utilization. Scraper use and demonstration of how to resaw wood and cut curves safely using a band saw.
  • Cabinet Construction.. This session will provide an overview of cabinet making and the use of the table saw.
  • Routers, shapers and their jigs. Provides an overview and use of routers and shapers and jigs that make them safe and efficient.
  • Architectural wood carving, mold making and folk style whittling. Provides an overview of carving tools and techniques using hand tools.
  • JIgs and Fixtures. Covers building and using jigs, fixtures and templates for accuracy and repetition.
  • Tool sharpening, tool modification.  Provides you with a greater understanding of methods to sharpen plane irons and chisels and how to modify tools for special applications.
  • Shop Safety. Considerations for being safe in the shop and keeping all 10 of those amazing fingers.
  • Wood Turning. An overview of turning and turning tools in making round objects. Wet wood turning techniques will be demonstrated
  • History of finishing materials. Provides an overview of finishes and finishing techniques.
Questions? Call class coordinators
    John Webb 541-944-7104 or Brent Poulton 541-857-8949
Printable PDF Documents with the registration form and schedule are posted below. Classes will begin in early March and run through April. 
Eric Olson,
Jan 27, 2017, 12:33 PM
Eric Olson,
Jan 27, 2017, 12:10 PM