Mission Statement

 The Siskiyou Woodcraft Guild

    The Siskiyou Woodcraft Guild (SWG) is an association of fine woodworkers in Southern Oregon and Northern California interested in advancing the craft and the craftspeople of our region. The SWG encompasses a wide range of skills, knowledge, and interests. Members include professional, hobby and others interested in woodworking

    Our members build a wide variety of fine wood products, quality furniture and custom woodworking. Member interests cover a wide range of of wood technologies; furniture design, joinery, veneering, carving, turning, musical instrument building, wood boat building, tool maintenance, and finishing.
   Since 1980 our mission is to offer fellowship by providing networking among our members. We value the principles and practices of fine woodworking and encourage technical discussion and development. We promote an appreciation of quality workmanship by the general public by providing access to our products and through our experience and design expertise via shows, classes, and other events.
Annual Meeting
Annual General Meeting:  Sat. 2/1 from 10:00 am ~ noon at the AHS shop, on Eastern corner of Siskiyou Blvd. and Morse Street in Ashland.    This is our biggest gathering of members during the year. We hope to fill the room and let people introduce themselves, assisting us in "putting a face" to the many names on our SWG list.   The coming year's activities will be presented and planned for.  Election of the Officers and Steering Committee will be held. Stools, coffee and muffins will be available, bring a chair if you'll prefer that.
    The Siskiyou Woodcraft publishes a periodic newsletter to update the members and the public about news and opportunities to further the opportunities for networking and information exchange among the community. To view a copy of the current newsletter click on the PDF link below.
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